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These videos are Now Available! These are certainly the BEST Madam X videos! Remember that MY VIDEOS are the REAL THING, LIVE SESSIONS. They are not actors in choreographed scenarios. These are people who have chosen to live out their fantasies with Madam X and members of her crew. This is the first set of Madam X videos in my new studio. Set II in 1999. If you wish to receive updated information on these videos (or other products and services) check the "Put me on your mailing list" checkbox on the order form.

Feet First #1

Foot fetishists are going to love this one! See Madam X have her flawless feet pampered and massaged by some fortunate slave. Toe teasing, Footworship with lots of bootlicking and lacing. 90 mins. $65.00

Madam X's Pathetic Pets #1

These spineless worms are forced to try and amuse Madam X in scenes of Dildo Training, Crossdressing, Bondage and Discipline in the most degrading scenarios imaginable. This action-packed video is a must see! 120 mins. $75.00

Bondage at it's Best #1

consists of a submissive introduced to some of the most restrictive and intense forms of bondage and suffocation imaginable. What exactly happens to these naughty individual will be left up to your imagination for now. If BONDAGE is your Fetish this one is not to be missed. 120 mins. $75.00

The Madam X Workout #1

IT'S TORTURE TIME!! It starts off with a wimp warm-up of spanking and paddling. Then up to a moderate level of riding crops, leather straps and cat-o-nine tails. The intensity steadily increases, it's going Hard and Heavy, "ouch!" It's a whipping workout now! Try and cool yourself down because this video is a hot one! 120 mins. $75.00

Doctor's Orders #1

Is it time for your check up? Madam X performs intense medical examinations! Her sadistic methods have cured many horny pets. To relax her patients, Madam X introduces severe steel clamps to sensitive areas. Her treatments of electric shock and hot wax are unique but effective. The prognosis will be unveiled in the video. 120 mins. $75.00

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